The Tweener™

Available April 2016, look for it at your local grocery store.


Our new packaging size, the 96oz Tweener, can be the perfect size for many households.

Milk has been in the same containers for as long as most of us can remember: a small pint (16oz) like in a convenience store, a quart (32oz), a half gallon (64oz) and a gallon (128oz). For many households keeping the right quantity in stock between shopping trips can be a hassle. Some people buy the half gallon and come up short, still others buy the gallon and end up with too much and some milk goes wasted.

Homes today are looking for more choices in milk sizes, and are now carrying more than one type of milk product in their fridge. United Dairy has come up with the perfect solution, the 96oz Tweener™. The 96oz Tweener™ is a little more than a half gallon and less than a gallon. The 96oz Tweenercomes in 5 different flavors to please everyone! The 96oz Tweeneris the size everyone has been waiting for!!

Today the number of households are getting smaller and the 96oz Tweenermeans less wasting milk and money. There is a lot in the news these days about how much food we waste and there is little doubt that sometimes milk is poured down the drain. Keeping milk fresh calls for a container that is sized to what we consume, the 96oz Tweenerfrom United Dairy is the answer for a lot of people.


Orange Juice Tweener™ 96oz, click here to download a jpeg

2% Reduced Fat Milk Tweener 96oz, click here to download a jpeg

1% Lowfat Milk Tweener, click here to download a jpeg

Chocolate Milk Tweener™, click here to download a jpeg

Vitamin D Milk Tweener™, click here to download a jpeg